Get Your Write On!

Here's the deal: a writer's gotta write, right? Which means carving out some time as many days a week as possible to commit to writing. Something. Anything

Don't wait for the muse to strike, simply drop your butt in a chair and pick up that pen or open your laptop. A writer writes. 
Check the prompts below for inspiration. I'd LOVE to read what you're working on! Send it to me at [email protected]

Give it a go: five minutes, twenty, an hour; tell me what worked for you. Share your favorite lines or something about the process. It's all about making time for words. They matter. And so do you.
  1. Picture Prompt #1
    Okay, so here are the rules: Study this picture, then write for 14 minutes and 37 seconds without going back and editing any of your work. Just write. You ready to get busy?? Full disclosure: I'm all about breaking the rules: create with wild abandon!
  2. Picture Prompt #2
    All warmed up now? Make a list of everything you see in this picture...and THEN, make a choice! 1. Write a POEM, using ALL of the words you listed in SOME way 2. Write a flash fiction story describing how this scene came to be
  3. Picture Prompt #3
    Use the picture to the left to inspire you, or choose from the prompts below: "You can't tell by looking...." "The one thing I'll never write about is..."