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Persistance is Pivotal For Publication

Who Moved My Chi?

Rejection Has Made Me a Better Writer

First published in The Writer magazine, this tongue-in-cheek essay reflects my writing process: hairballs and all!
This piece and sidebar were featured in Children's Book Insider
This piece was also featured in Writer's Digest in addition to Writer Online.

Choosing Students Over Sunflowers

Find Your Voice, Shape Their Future

Seven Keys to Writing Success

This essay was my first feature piece in The Alternative Network Journal.
Published in Democracy and Education, this piece details how crucial it is for teachers to be front line advocates for their students.

This piece about the writing process was featured in Writer's Digest
  1. "You Can't Tell By Looking"
    My essay "You Can't Tell By Looking" was originally published in "What Teaching Means: Stories From America's Classrooms", edited by Daniel Boster and Marnie Valerio. Below is a review of my piece: " 'You Can't Tell by Looking' is one of the most riveting chapters, as a teacher and student teacher become real people to a classroom full of children living their own nightmarish lives. Some people believe you can't reach children like that at worst, or at best you should stick to the curriculum in the hopes of getting their test scores up a point or two so that you and your school don't go down in No Child Left Behind flames. Yet it is through the creative fire walk that the best teachers do every day that children are moved beyond what is and catapulted to what can be. If you want to understand the hearts of America's teachers, read this book." Craig Wiesner Co-Founder, Reach And Teach The Peace and Social Justice Learning Company
  2. "Reach Them Before You Teach Them"
    Reach Them Before You Teach Them Connecting to kids in crisis by creating classroom community Directing an alternative education program within a comprehensive high school for 17 years teaches you a thing or two about education, reaching kids in crisis and the best ways to create community. This workbook is a how-to guide for setting up a program designed to support these students. Following a month by month structure, my book includes checklists, anecdotes, research and places to do your own thinking and planning. A must for any teacher or school looking to create a place for all kids to thrive. The PDF of the manuscript is available. Contact me for your copy!